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Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist ®

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® (CCWS) is a digital course for anyone interested in wellness, and especially those corporate well-being professionals, that gives you all the knowledge that the industry holds and the designation that your peers respect.

This certification program has a continuing education subscription plan in order to access the catalog of continuing education course and materials to remain in compliance with your personal certification designation.

30-days after purchasing the certification you will be automatically enrolled in a continuing education subscription plan, and charge based on the payment plan chosen.

  • $995

    $150 Automatic Annual Renewal Fee

  • 8+ Hours of
    Learning Courses
  • 10 Easy-to-Consume
  • 100-Question
    Multiple-choice Exam
  • 120+ Page
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  • Gain immediate access to all services and resources instantly upon registration.
  • Engage employers and employees to boost productivity, slash costs, & foster an ideal corporate culture.
  • Brand yourself & your organization as forerunners in well-being, engagement, & corporate culture.
  • Learn best-practices from the world's most notorious corporations & organizations.